Questions and Answers

Where can I buy fitson frames?

You can find fitson frames in our partner shops. Visit the following page to find the nearest store

If you are looking for a particular model, we recommend that you contact the store before going there to ask if the frames are available in store.

How do I take care of my fitson glasses?

To keep your glasses looking pristine for as long as possible, here are a few tips to take care of them:

  1. The glasses on the nose, not on the head! Putting your glasses on your head, which is wider than your face, will cause the temples to stretch out and your frame might no longer fit properly.
  2. The glasses are best placed on the temples, not on the lenses! To avoid damaging your frame or your lenses, it is best to put it on its folded arms or even better, in their case.
  3. Clean glasses at all times! The best way to clean your glasses is to use clean water and mild soap or dish soap (no moisturizer or oil). To dry them, use a soft cloth or a microfibre cloth. We do not recommend the use of chemical or abrasive disinfectants (acetone, alcohol over 30%, etc.), as they could damage the finish of your frames and lenses.

I am a professional and I wish to sell fitson frames in my shop.

If you want to sell fitson frames in your store, visit the Canadian Optical Supply website or send us an email at